Updates - 2017

Tuesday 29 th August 2017
- Added a new transportation system which allows you to pay a fee to instantly travel to other train, plane or bus stops. (Zelda)

Monday 28 th August 2017
- Diablo has been promoted to L2. (Zelda)
- Bokilla added as L1. Trial Staff. (Zelda)

Sunday 27 th August 2017
- Smoke resigned the staff team. (Zelda)
- Added that the police now get drugs when it kills criminals. (Zelda)
- Fixed the bug of quick reload. (Zelda + BranD)

Friday 25 th August 2017
- Added that you can sleep inside the houses. (Zelda)

Thursday 24 th August 2017
- Diabl0 added as L1. Trial Staff. (Zelda + BranD)

Wednesday 23 rd August 2017
- Added the Medic Mission pressing "N" in vehicle ambulance. (Zelda)
- Added Vehicle Inventory in x click on the vehicle. (Zelda)

Tuesday 22 nd August 2017
- Added Armed Robbery events in Los Santos. (Zelda)
- The player's ping system was improved. (Zelda)

Monday 21 st August 2017
- Fixed briefcase paynament. (Zelda + Doug)
- Added 64 player zones in LS. (BranD)
- Added the name tag of the map of the bases law. (AirinG)

Sunday 20 th August 2017
- Increased payment of turf bonus to 450 per area, as long as it is known that the payment is divided among the members of the group. (Zelda)

Saturday 5 th August 2017
- Welcome to server!(Zelda)