A: General rules
A1. Members who are kicked, cannot re-join for at least 3 months.
A2. Always be nice to other players, even if they are not nice to you. (You can ignore players who do not treat you nice or report them to staff.)
A3. Always obey any higher ranking SWAT Team Member. (Unless they are breaking rules or asking you to break rules.)
A4. Always obey any type of server rule, no matter what.
A5. If you are in the SWAT Team, you may not be in any other group on CIF under any circumstance. (If it is another server, you may not join any other law group. Other types of groups are allowed though.)
A6. Players who left SWAT may not rejoin for two weeks.
A7. Do not arrest / kill other SWAT Team members. (Unless they ask you)
A8. You cannot use any mods, trainers cheats, abuse any bug, flame, blame, lie or act immature under any circumstance. (If you find a bug or bugs report it. Skins are allowed however.)
A9a. SWAT Team members cannot participate as a criminal in the criminal events such as Madd Dogs Raid or similar criminal events. (You may play as criminal, but you cannot do criminal activities like these or similar to these.(unless you have permission from a leader)
A9b. SWAT Team members cannot participate as a criminal in armed robberies (unless they have permission fromr a leader)
A9c. You're not allowed to aid wanted criminals unless they're your groupmates and you're not on duty cop.
A10. You cannot abuse any special privileges given to you in the SWAT Team.
A11. No one under any circumstance is allowed to call Jaeger "Sir".
A12. Excessive spawn killing is not allowed.
A13. When you go AFK (Away from Keyboard), change your rank into AFK. For example: AFK-YourName*SWAT (If you do not put AFK in your nickname you may get warned for not responding to training, patrolling or emergency calls and you are not allowed to have AFK tag while moving to abuse this rule.)
A14. SWAT Team members who are inactive over 30 days without a valid excuse will be kicked.
A15. SWAT Team members are not allowed to have negative talks about any religion or members to other SWAT Team members.
A16. Death matching is not allowed.
Death Matching Includes But Not Limited To:
-Shooting unwanted players and their vehicles;
-Shooting for no reason at someone or a vehicle;
-Running over people and player owned cars with a vehicle. (Does not apply to wanted players.);
-Harming People who are outside or inside the SWAT Team Base (Shooting, Running Over, Helicopter-Killing, etc.);
-Killing other Law Enforcement or SWAT Team Members players to free SWAT Team Members from arrest;
-Killing other Law Enforcement members to evade arrest when wanted. (However running from them is allowed.) (Unless SWAT leaders give a permission.)
A17. Treat CIT staff members, supporters and community event managers in the SWAT Team like fellow teammates. Do not ask for/expect special treatment just because they're in the same group. (Examples: Hit events, reports, trollers etc.)
A18. In game Group Chat you are not allowed to: spam (unless it's a training call) and speaking in a non-English language is not allowed.
A19. Quoting from SWAT Chats including group chat and Skype chat to non-SWAT members is not allowed under no circumstances. Demotion or kick might result depending on sensitivity level of information leaked.
A20. Change your nickname while playing as a criminal. (#A9 still applies, you may do other criminal jobs.)
A21. Always respond back to greetings when a group mate logs in or logs out, if you're not AFK. Otherwise you should respond, doesn't matter if you're in training, CE or busy doing any other activity.

B: Base rules
B1. You cannot lock a non-SWAT Team member's cars in the base. (This applies to player owned cars. You may only lock people and spawned cars inside the base, but not their player owned cars.)
B2. If you give permission for someone to be inside of the base, you are responsible for their actions and punishments will be given to you for their bad actions.
B3. Never flame or death match a troller/intruder in the SWAT base. Tell the player to leave and if the player refuses to leave, report the player for trolling. (Unless the troller/intruder is wanted.)

C: Board/Administration/Forum rules
C1. SWAT Team members are not allowed to post in:
- SWAT Team Application Thread
- SWAT Team Complaints Thread
Unless directly involved in the previous post or received prior permission from SWAT Administrative Team. (For recommendations regarding the applications, Contact SWAT Administrative Team.)
C2. Certain ranks and special duties have a limit to how many members may have that Rank or Special Duty at one time. These Ranks and Special Duties are listed below with their limits.
  Rank/Special Duty:                       Limit:
-Trial Helper                                             3
-Helper                                                    6
-Elite Helper                                             6
-Operations Supervisor                            2
-Vice Commander                                   1
-Commander                                           1
C3. SWAT Team members can be promoted only once a week at maximum if they complete one of SWAT regular assignments. (Promotion may take much longer though.)
C4. Do not ask for promotions or complain about your rank.
C5. All SWAT Team members must be aware of the Forum Rules and follow them.
C6. Act like a true SWAT on the CIF2 forum. Breaking forum rules will have the same consequences as breaking in game rules. (If your forum account gets muted a demotion or kick will follow).
C7. If you get punished in game or on the CIF2 forum you have to notify a SWAT Team Helper or Leader immediately. (Notify via SMS in game, Skype, Forum PM or TeamSpeak.) 
C8a. If more than 3 SWAT Team members above the Trial rank are punished by CIF Staff within 7 days of each other, promotions will be delayed by 7 days.
C8b. If more than 10 SWAT Team members are punished by SWAT Heads within 7 days of each other, promotions will be delayed by 7 days.
C8c. When C8a and C8b are being imposed, the players who get punished by staff members will be demoted directly.
C8 explained:
-PTY can still be promoted regardless of this rule.
-If you were supposed to be promoted this week and somebody got punished, you will be promoted next week.
C9. Double posting is not allowed.
C10. Anyone who gets punished must complete his/her assignment or task twice in order to get promoted.

D: Vehicles
D1. Water from the water tank (S.W.A.T. Vehicle) may not be sprayed at un-wanted players. (Water from the water tank (S.W.A.T. Vehicle) however can be sprayed at wanted players and trespassers inside the base.)
D2.If you are in the Aviator Team, you must follow the rules that are listed below:

-You must be in the SWAT Team with the Lance Corporal rank or above or be in CID with the Senior Resident Agent rank or above.
-You must use Rank-Name*A-SWAT as your tags.
-You should own these planes, however it is not required. Note that these planes should be navy blue (0 0 60). Only Aviator leaders are allowed to have special colors.
D3.Usage of the Rustler and Seasparrow is limited to (ONLY these members may use it.):
- Rustler: Aviator Team SWAT Members
- Seasparrow: Aviator Team SWAT Members with the achievement "Never Done A Crime In My Life."
- Aviator Team SWAT Members with permission from SWAT Team Administrative Staff. (Permission limited to task for which permission was given.)
D4.Airstrike Rules:
1: Never shoot on civilians or players with 2* or less or their vehicles. (Unless the wanted criminal is in a water or air vehicle.)
2: Do not shoot planes/helicopter if they do not contain wanted criminals. (Airstrikes on planes and helicopters with wanted criminals are allowed.)
3: Use the gun only when sure of no collateral damage.
4: Do not use the gun of the Rustler/Seasparrow when the criminal/criminals is/are in a crowded area.
5: It is not allowed to use the Rustler/Seasparrow to turf or using the vehicle just for fun in Las Venturas or not being on duty.
6: When landed, keep the Rustler/Seasparrow in sight. Do not leave the it alone under any circumstances.
7: Do not land your Rustler/Seasparrow on roads and crowded areas like BR/PDR/DFR, etc.
8: Airstrikes can be done by Aviator members or SWAT members who got permission from a SWAT leader.
9. Do not attack 3+ stars wanted criminal on foot with the Seasparrow unless the wanted criminal is on an inaccessible roof.
D5. Do not let non SWAT members drive in SWAT vehicles.
D6. Only members with the Trial rank and above can spawn vehicles.
D7. Only Aviator Team are allowed to spawn Hydra ,Hunter and Seasparrow from our base.

E: SWAT job, Duties and trainings
E1. Play your assigned job in the SWAT Team mainly. (You may play other jobs, but you must play your assigned job most of the time.)
E2. The use of barriers:
- Must not break the Misconduct rule of the CIT server rules.
- Must not be used to take cover from criminal attacks. (You may only use barrier 1,3,5,6,9 and 10 for taking cover from criminal attacks.)
- Do not leave barriers behind. Do /removebarrier ID/all when finished.
E3. Only Sergeants and higher ranks can lead trainings. (Lower ranks must have permission from a Master Sergeant (MSGT) + rank.)
E4. Whenever you are in a training, you must follow these rules:
-Do not talk in line, only codes are allowed (It counts to all chats such as Local, Group, Main, SMS, etc.), keep your questions till the briefing is ended, if you need to leave while you are in line, you can SMS the leader of the training;
-Do not use /eventwarp;
-Do not run around;
-Do not have your weapons equipped;
-Do not leave without warning first;
-Do not use hats, masks, animations, /equip when you are in training line nor use them during the training however you are allowed to use them during RP training according to the theme/story, once RP mod is on;
-If a training, briefing, etc. is already taking place, ask to join and get permission before you join;
-Once the training, etc. is done and members have arrived at base, all members are expected to line up and be silent until instructed to do otherwise by the leader of the training;
-/groupnote can only be used by SGT+ to announce that there is a training. They can only use this command twice per training and they are not allowed to spam it.
E5. If you are Probationary member and you have been given SWAT job during a training, patrolling or an anti-riot, roadblock, you must do /quit job as the training/ patrolling/ patrol/ roadblock/anti-riot finishes. 
E6. SWAT Paramedic Team members may take skins 70 and 276 of the SWAT job.
-Allowed to place barriers;
-Allowed to spawn Maverick and Raindance;
-Do not arrest players with those skins;
-It is not possible to heal players with skin 70 and 276.
E7. Should you be found to have joined SWAT PARAMEDIC TEAM to use the paramedic skin instead of fulfilling your main duty as a paramedic, you shall be kicked immediately from Paramedic Team Squad.
E8. Paramedic Team members (Only PFC+) may also have the following P-team Special Duty:
  Special Duty:                              Limit:
- Paramedic Helper                                            2
- Paramedic Elite Helper                                     1
- Head of the SWAT Paramedic Team                  1
E9. If you select skins 287, 286 and 191 from /gojob, you must use this command "/customskin on SWATTeam" to apply group skin shader.
E10. When you are called for a training or patrol, you have to respond in Group Chat whether you are coming or not. (Ignoring training calls without having the AFK tag will lead into a direct warning or demotion.)
E11. Only SWAT Team members with the rank Lance Corporal or Corporal may ask for permission to do trainings.
E12. If you select skin 70 and / or 276 from the SWAT Team job marker you may not arrest wanted players at any time. (You may only kill wanted players if they attacked you first.)
E13. You are not allowed to heal wanted criminals.
E14. You are only allowed to use /stinger when you are on duty with SWAT job or cop job.
E15. Always ask permission to enter a base/interior of another group. (Unless there is a wanted criminal inside.)
E16. Do not misuse the SWAT job to open the gates of another group.
E17. Only SWAT Team paramedics can take the SWAT Team paramedic shader.
E18. /GMOTD can only be used by SWAT head staffs.
E19. Probationary members are not allowed to use /gojob under any circumstances.
E20. Probationary members are not allowed to use “/customskin on SWATTeam” when taking skin 285 from LSPD.
E21. Probationary members are not allowed to use barriers.
E22. SWAT paramedic team members should only focus on helping APO members. SWAT Team officers and E squad officers should follow this rule when playing as a medic.
E23. If you want to complain your team mate or your alliance member, you have to copy the format given in the "SWAT Team Complaint and Blacklist" topic and send the complaint to any of SWAT Heads via a forum PM. Non SWATs (except alliance members) can use the "SWAT Team Complaints and Blacklist" topic to make a complaint against any of the SWAT Team members.
E24. If you make an invalid complaint against any of SWAT heads you will have to face the following consequences:
      A) If you are a SWAT member, you will get warned.
      B) If you are an alliance members, you will get warned.
      C) If you are not member of APO alliance, you will be blacklisted in SWAT Team.

G: Alliance Rules (SWAT & USNS)
G1. Our bases are shared and you do not need to ask for permission to enter them.
This means anything you do in your base, you can also do in one of your alliance's bases. Non-alliance players still need to ask for permission and whoever lets them into an alliance base is responsible for whatever action the non-alliance player makes. For example if an alliance member lets a non-alliance player into an alliance base and that non-alliance player trolls or death matches the alliance members inside of the base, the alliance member who let them in shall be punished. The punishment shall be decided between the base owner and the group leader of which the alliance member belonged to.

G2. Most trainings should be joint trainings of all the members in the alliance. This will bring members closer and will help them get to know each other. Also this allows for tactics to be shared between all the groups which benefits all of the groups. Enough time should be given so that members from other groups can make it in time to attend the training. However this does not mean you have to wait forever. If you feel you are waiting too long just start without them or wait since it is up to you on how much time you want to wait.

G3. Each group will handle its own internal affairs just as before. However if they need help, they are free to ask the other alliance groups.

G4. Should an alliance member ever get the job of another alliance group, he or she must follow the rules of that group. For example if you have the SWAT Team job and you are a USNS member, you must follow SWAT Team rules while you use the SWAT Team job. If any of the rules are broken while using another alliance group's job, the punishment shall be decided between the job owner and the group leader of which the alliance member belonged to.

G5.  If an alliance member ever needs to report another alliance member, he or she must make a private complaint to the Association of Police Organizations Management. This private complaint should be sent to the President of the Management who is currently Jaeger. The private complaint can be sent via Forum PM, Skype, SMS, etc.

G6. Members in USNS that have the Supervisory Senior Resident Agent rank or above, are allowed to ask for and use the SWAT Team job anytime they want.
This is a list of SWAT Heads who can give the SWAT Team job. These are the people who the USNS members above Supervisory Senior Resident Agent would have to ask to get the job.

G7. During APO activities such as trainings, patrols, ceremonies, etc. APO tags must replace your group tag. For example [CIF]*#Arining*SWAT will become [CIF]*#Arining*SWAT. The Oveseer of the APO activity will instruct whether or not this rule is in effect.

G8. When Alliance Rule 7 is not in effect, you may place *APO behind your group tags. For example [CIF]*#Arining*SWAT T will become [CIF]*#Arining*SWAT

G9. Members in the SWAT Team that have the Sergeant rank or above, are allowed to ask for and use the USNS job anytime they want.
This is a list of USNS Leaders who can give the USNS job. These are the people who the SWAT Team members with and above Sergeant rank would have to ask to get the job.


Fall In - Regroup on your team leader.
Fall Back - Retreat while providing cover fire and finding cover.
Stack Up - Regroup at a certain point given by the team leader.
Open and Clear - Open or go though a door and clear area in that room.
Open, Gas, and Clear - Open a door and throw tear gas inside then clear the room.
Open, Bang, and Clear - Open a door and throw a grenade inside then clear the room.
Check Around Corner - Go to the corner and check around it to see if anything is there. Then report what you see to your team leader.
Visual - Report to your team leader the you have a visual on the target.
SLF - Single Line Formation
DLF - Double Line Formation
SSF - Side by Side Formation
BF - Box Formation
VF - V Formation
DF - Diamond Formation
HF - H Formation
10-0 - Negative
10-1 - Affirmative
10-2 - Responding
10-3 - Cancel
10-4 - Roger
10-5 - Copy that
10-9 - Repeat Last Transmission
10-11 - Current Location
10-20 - Status
10-21 - In Position
10-22 - Return To Your Vehicles
10-23 - Hide Your Vehicles
10-24 - Cover
10-25 - Cover Fire
10-26 - Clear
10-27 - Use caution, danger is ahead
10-28 - In Pursuit
10-29 - Aborting Pursuit
10-30 Suspect Down/ In Custody
10-32A (SWAT, FBI, SAPD, or  AF) and/or (Land, Air, Water) - Request Transport (Come in a 4 door vehicle. Except for boats.)
10-32B (SWAT, FBI, SAPD, or  AF) - Request Light Backup (Finish what your doing and come. Not all Units need to respond.)
10-32C (SWAT, FBI, SAPD, or  AF) - Request Heavy Backup (Stop what you are doing and respond. All Units need to respond.)
10-43 - Request Paramedics
10-97- Arrived On Scene
11-55 - On Duty
11-56 - Off Duty
11-57 - Patrolling The District
13-12 – Assignment Complete.
13-13 – Cancel Paramedic Dispatch
13-38 - Rape/Sex offense – Medics to be dispatched on site with rape kit.
13-42 – Suicidal Victim – Medics to be dispatched with fall net.
13-45 - Psychotic Breakdown
13-46 – Hostage takeover
13-51 – Caution Fire on site
100A – Paramedic Unit recovered  - Able to move.
100B – Paramedic Unit Injured – Still able to move
100C – Paramedic Unit Injured – Not able to move
100D – Paramedic Unit Dead
2000 - Robbery
3000 - Roadblock
13-60 – Life Threatening
13-61 – Heavy Causality but not Life Threatening
13-62 - Not Life Threatening
13-63 - Heavy Causality but not Life Threatening, dispatch medics with armed SWAT ground escort
13-64 - Life Threatening, dispatch medics with armed SWAT helicopter escort


LS - Los Santos
LV - Las Ventras
SF - San Ferrio
SC - Sea City

AP - Angel Pine
BB - Blueberry
BM - Bayside Marina
DM - Dillimore
EQ - El Quebrados
FC - Fort Carson
LB- Las Barrancas
LP - Las Pavasadas
MG - Montgomery
PC - Palomino Creek

--Large places
BC - Bone Country
BE - The Big Ear
EC - El Castillo del Diablo
RC - Red Country
SD - Sherman Dam
TR - Tierra Robada
VM - Verdant Meadows

These can be added onto the end of the location codes above. Example: LS + PD = LSPD
A - Airport
B - Bank
GS - Gas Station
H - Hospital
JH - Jeffersons Hospital
AH - All Saints Hospital
PD - Police Department
JL - Jail
SJL - The Los Santos Jail near the SWAT Team base.
EJL - The Los Santos Jail near East beach.

--Armed Robberies
Drug Shipment - DS
Docks Train Yard - DTY
Drug Factory Robbery - DFR
Movie Yard - MY
GraveYard Mortuary - GY/GM
Dilimore Police Department - DPD
Los Santos Bank Robbery - LSB
Los Santos Airport Robbery - LSA
Country Club - CC
Rodeo Bank - RB
Palmino Creek Bank - PCB
North Rock Hut - NRH
Blue Berry - BB