SWAT Team     The SWAT Team is the oldest group on CIF and is also one of the most, if not the most elite law organization on CIF. We have a lot of team work within our members and members get along well. If you join, you will receive various types of trainings to help you become a better member of the law. Trainings consist of role play, team death match, driving, chasing, and much more! Our base is located in Los Santos in a area that has low lag and is not busy with players. Inside the base, there is a dock for boats, garage for cars, runway for planes, vehicle spawns and interior. At our base we can spawn diverse land, air and water vehicles. The SWAT Team is mainly one big family. The high ranks try to keep it this way so all The SWAT Team members can have fun at all times! The SWAT Team is a public organisation and known for it's activity, professional members and creativity.


The SWAT Team is the oldest group on the CIF Server.
SWAT Team's Motto: "Keep Low. Move Fast. Kill First. Die Last. One Shot. One Kill. No Luck. Pure Skill."
SWAT Team's IRC Server & Channel: Server: CIF Channel:#SWATTeam
SWAT Team's Hex Code Colour: #4169E1
SWAT Team's Base Location: Santa Maria Bay, Los Santos
SWAT Team's Allies: USNS,AF
SWAT Team's Vehicles: Air vehicles: Police Maverick, Raindance, Cargobob, News Chopper, Seasparrow, Hydra, Hunter. - Barracks, Cheetah, Enforcer, FBI Rancher, FBI Truck, Hotring Racer 3, HPV1000, Patriot, Police LS, Premier, Sandking, S.W.A.T.
SWAT Team's Current Leaders:  Jaeger (founder) &  RotsoDeJet
SWAT Team's Official Facebook Page:
SWAT Team's Official Twitter Page:
SWAT Team's Official Youtube Channel:
SWAT Team's Official Steam Group:
SWAT Team's Official Plug DJ Channel:
SWAT Team's Theme Song: Nickelback - When We Stand Together


The SWAT Team was first formed sometime in August 2010 by Bambook on the ***L Server. Bambook was a former ***S SWAT member who came to ***L and started a new SWAT Team there. He eventually went back to ***S and stayed there with the SWAT there. In September 2010 Hunter567T  joined the ***L server. When he arrived the SWAT Team had become in-active on ***L due to Bambook leaving the server. Tuna (aka Arran) appointed Airing to lead the SWAT Team on ***L and bring it back to life. Being a vice-leader of Bikers and a part of the Desert Eagles on ***S, Hunter567T already had leadership skills. The first member that Airing recruited was Smith. Hunter567T lead the SWAT Team on ***L until December 2010, when CIF got created. Dennis offered the position of the leading the SWAT Team to Airing and he took it. When Hunter567T moved to CIT he bought most of his current SWAT Team members with him to CIF. Although not all came with him. Around June or July 2011 Airing made Smith the Commander of the SWAT Team and became the Overseer. Airing  did this because he made Bikers on CIF. Even though Hunter567T was leading Bikers, he still helped Smith lead the SWAT Team with advice etc. Bikers did not last long Airingand  came back to the SWAT Team as the  commander and made Smith the vice-commander again. Today the SWAT Team is still being lead by Airing, who has lead the team for over a year.

       On the 4th of April 2012, Hunter567T left the SWAT Team for a short while due to various SWAT Team members saying that SWAT would be better without him. Hunter567T left to prove a point that SWAT would fall down without him. The new nominated Commanders were Gonzalo and Uau_tuga. Shortly after they were nominated, the SWAT Team began falling into never ending problems. The same SWAT Team members that said the SWAT Team would be better without Hunter567T, asked him to return and fix everything they had screwed up. This proved Hunter567Tís point to be true. Uau_Tuga was demoted and Hunter567T returned as the leader. About 2 weeks after that, Gonzalo Uau_tuga left the SWAT Team together. Uau_tuga later moved to another server and started a different SWAT Team there. It seems that he was somewhat successful and learned from his previous mistakes in this SWAT Team.

   On the 28th of April 2014, the CIF Staff Team attacked the SWAT Team. The CIF Staff Team took control of the SWAT team and made new leaders. All 3 leaders that they picked did not know anything about it until they came online which was after all the fighting happened. All 3 them also did not even want to be the founders and they all resigned once they knew. When they picked the leaders Hamada, Deadly, Daymian they ignored all of the current active Head SWAT and picked whoever they wanted. They also told nobody of what they were doing and completely ignored players when they asked them why they did it. There was no notification to anyone inside of the SWAT Team. The CIF Staff Team  made a decision and then did it on a group they are not even in and have no idea of what is happening inside of it. Also considering how many CIF Staffs did not even know about this, it seems like all the decisions were made by Head CIF Staff. Eventually after a long battle with many CIF Staffs, Hunter567T was returned as the sole leader of the SWAT Team. The SWAT Team is the first group in CIF to completely stand up against the CIF Staff and start a full on resistance with everything to lose and still be able to accomplish a victory against the CIF Staff Team. Due to this major accomplishment, this day has been named SWAT Team Resistance Victory Day.