Each training should be reported with this report format in this thread.


- Now it is possible to make a training report without using BB code;
- Just fill in the form which you can find by pressing the link below;
- After you have filled in the form of your training report, it will be generated into BB code;
- Follow the steps described there to complete your training report;
- You may choose to use the form or the old format system.

Training Report Format (Click here)
Use the below format to report your training if the above link is not working


b][size=18pt]REPORT OF TRAINING #Insert training number here[/size][/b]
[b]Who gave you permission (Corporal and below only.) :[/b] 
[b]Training spectated by:[/b] 
[b]Type of training:[/b] 
[b]Time taken to do training:[/b] 
[b]Members that participated:[/b] [color=navy]mention all names here[/color]
[b]Training lead by:[/b] [b][color=blue]name here[/color][/b]
[b]Vehicles used:[/b] Predator
[b]Evaluation of members that participated:[/b] 
[b][color=navy]participant name[/color][/b]: (marks) -  mention your remarks here
[b]Spectator's remarks:[/b] 
[b]Members that skipped the training[/b] [color=gray](Only CPL and lower ranks with stating the reason)[/color]: 
[b]Explanation of what was done in the training:[/b]
[b]Screenshots (Post links only!):[/b]