SWAT Team Recommendation Guides
If you are a Lance Corporal or above in the SWAT Team, you may recommend players to become a SWAT Team member. These players will not need to make an application and will be invited if they pass the accepting process. To recommend a player you must use the format given below and create a new topic in the SWAT sub-board.
After that SWAT officers with the Staff Sergeant rank and above will vote in the recommendation topic, after that SWAT heads will decide about the player based on the votes and comments given in the topic.

Recommendation rules:
Do not recommend people who are in SWAT blacklist;
Do not recommend people who got kicked from SWAT recently;
Do not recommend people who applied for SWAT recently and got denied;
The person you’re recommending must have a clean record;
The person you’re recommending must have at least 250 arrests;
The person you’re recommending must have at least 15,000 arrest points;
Maximum 2 people can be recommended by each  LCPL+ in 7 days;
In the title of your recommendation topic you should mention your name including tags - Recommending - name of person you’re recommending. For example:

             OVS-Airing*SWAT - Recommending - ShineAzen

Use the below format to recommend someone and create a new topic here.

[img width=250 height=150]http://i.imgur.com/zYKcw.png[/img]

[b][size=14pt][color=navy][shadow=red,left]SWAT Recommendation Form [/shadow][/color][/size][/b]
[b]In-game name of the person you’re recommending:[/b]
[b]His/Her in-game account name:[/b]
[b]Link to his/her forum account:[/b]
[b]Screen shot of his/her police stats:[/b]
[b]Screen shot of his/her stats:[/b]
[b]His/Her previous groups:[/b]
[b]A few words about him/her:[/b]

Staff Sergeant and above ranks in SWAT Team can use the below format to vote in the recommendation topic:

[b]Your in-game name (including tags):[/b]
[b]Your vote:[/b] 
[b]Why are you recommending him/her?[/b]


Use Red color for Negative.
Use Green for Positive.
Use Orange for Neutral .