Base's Advantages

Armed Forces own one of the best bases of CIF. Beside our location's value, we got enough space to organize multiple types of trainings without having to move to other places around the map.

Desert is one of our biggest advantages, because it's the right place to train our soldiers through difficult obstacles under bad weather situations. Rough terrain, hills and dirt tracks could be proved as the best method to grow up high-skilled soldiers on driving or even flying trainings.

Area 69 or in other words restricted area is a harsh place to be accessed due to Military's dangerous shooting equipment and that's mainly the reason everybody needs to get permission before entering, except tho if he is part of our LAW alliance.

One thing should be mentioned as well is our two interiors. The first one is used mostly for briefing about an operation / mission or otherwise for in-game meetings.
Discipline & Morality

One of our group's virtues is our discipline. We constantly look straight on recruiting people which are willing to follow our uniform military code and generally our team's regulations. That's why we're strict enough on recruitment issues such as applications centre.

You may be sure that if you ever become part of us, you will rarely watch an internal verbal fight or anything similar. You won't get tired of hosting trainings, because our selected soldiers always follow their leaders instructions word by word.

Providing Safety

We're satisfying our duty's role and responsibilities by keeping our side's security level in its better possible level. We're here to provide security not only in our basement by having guards at each of our control-towers, but also to community's innocent citizens.

We've got an enormous amount of soldiers to respond in each criminal activity that is getting spotted around the whole San Andreas. Thanks to our transportation vehicles our response could be considered quick enough to handle every dangerous situation. We never skip guarding on-road anti-riots or patrols.

Our presence becomes noticeable especially in matters of high severity.