Duty Information

In this section all duties will be listed with a description of what the duty is and how it works. After each duty name the minimum rank required for this duty has been listed.

Forum Administrators (LT+)
Forum administrators are responsible for keeping our forum organized and clean, making sure that the roster is up to date and all these kind of things. Their main target is having everything updated, including every single detail. Having the intention of making new topics with useful group information may lead you quicker to that duty as well as showing decent sign of activity on forums.

Application Managers (CPT+ Auto access / 2LT+)
These people are responsible for handling our applications. Applications managers can decide to either put an application on denied/pending/accepted and are expected to make a fair and constructive call. You're expected to be objective as a person to obtain that role. Pending is getting used for applications you consider positive, but you're not one hundred percent sure due to trivial reasons. People under the rank of Captain and above are able to set an applicant on pending status, even if they're not application managers.

Boot Camp Evaluators (SGT+)
This duty is all about testing Recruits. You've got to own a Training Instructor's virtues in order to be assigned to that role. When you apply for this duty, we will supervise everything you've contributed towards trainings section of our group. The Same method of TI's selection applies, we'll send a member of AFstaff to judge about your teaching dexterities. An evaluator has to write Recruit's attribution in a report and report it directly to our "Recruit Evaluation" stickied topic. A Recruit is required to reach an average from 6 or higher with 5 as lowest grade. Recruitment evaluators must make sure that every Recruit gets the test within 3 days of joining, tho if they haven't they should report them to the superior of the recruitment evaluation progress.

Quality and Progress Evaluators (SGM+ / SPC-SGT as Assistant or Trial)
These people are observing the group in general. Quality and progress evaluators must frequently send a briefing report to their team leader (marked with (L) in the list below) each Sunday about what is going wrong, what has been improved, and they may suggest promotions, demotions or recommendations. If they see something urgent they have to inform a superior so actions can be made by him to clear the situation. If they consider a soldier as non-AF future material, they're able to report him directly to their team leader. Except all these things, they're also given the chance to express their opinion about changes we need to apply on base, vehicles or even skins. You gotta be active and trusted enough by AFstaff to get approved for that role.

Complaints Managers (2LT+)
The duty is all about handling external or internal complaints and punishment appeals. The key to acquiring this duty is showing your ability of critical thinking towards AFstaff. You have to be able to control every single situation that appears in "Armed Forces|Public - Complaints & Punishments Appeals" topic, but you also handle internal complaints given to you via PMing method. You have to get the story straight and collect the necessary info. Once you have all the information you need, your next step is to make a judgement on your own and then discuss it with the rest managers. If we're talking about a trivial case of a complaint, a manager may decide by his own. You got to be objective, always looking for justice no matter what.

Duty Managers (CPT+ / LT as Assistant)
They have to confirm and review that everybody satisfies his duty's responsibilities and liabilities without abusing his privileges. If somebody doesn't fulfil his role's instructions properly or satisfactorily, the managers are obliged to warn that person and if needed replace him or her with someone else.

Event Managers (SPC+)
Events managers are responsible for organising and running all kinds of events. You would control the whole project, from planning at the start to running the event on the day.