Title of this board pretty much explains what this board is for.

I've seen numerous examples of people writing the usual "Welcome, looking forward to seeing you in game" to people who left CIF months ago, obviously with intent to increase post count. Don't bother anymore, your post count will not increase here. You WILL get warned for spamming the same message in various topics though. Also please refrain from posting on very old topics, as that's counted as post whoring.

I have made a few rules to keep this board clean and good-looking:
1. Do not add polls, never do that.
2. Do not mention any name of any other server than the CIF servers.
3. If you don't know how to introduce yourself, don't try to. Your introduction should consist of at least one paragraph with no less than 40 words.
4. If you'd like your introduction topic to be locked, please privately message, or mention the moderators: