Request Board Basics

Rules and Guidelines

1. Requests should be reasonable and detailed. Don't expect people to do anything for free or absurdly low prices.

NEW 2. Request topics that have been inactive for 5 days will result in a lock due to inactivity.

3. Posting in a request topic with off-topic, negative, and or absurd comments will result in a forum warning. Posting links to other Offer topics/services is allowed.

4. Do not double/triple post! Click modify to add more information to your post. Otherwise, double posting results in your topic being locked.

5. If your topic is no longer needed as an open request topic PLEASE mention a moderator to lock your topic. Changing the title to /lock is also acceptable.

6. You can post "Working" in a request topic only if you are going to work the next two days.

7. If you are requesting DLx, Skin/Shaded donations or VIP hours you can create a topic. However, you can use this topic to highlight your request.

8. You can not have more than 3 topics open in the same time,  this rule is added because some users we're requesting same things over and over again.

- You can bump your topic once each 4 days after your last post's date. Doing so within less than 4 days will get your topic locked.

Anything that is considered a non-guaranteed transfer is prohibited so that includes anything outside of CIF. Read spoiler for more details.