Group Interiors

Groups can request and obtain interiors everywhere. Interiors will be counted as bases, they will be restricted to owner group and will have access for whitelisted players. You'll be able to decide if your interior can be restricted to group only or open to everyone. Objects limit is 75 so you're sure to map a decent interior. Nobody will be affected from that amount of objects as everything will be put away from main dimension, inside a GTA interior so group won't be affected as well. You may put up to 10 objects around teleport marker outside to make it more close, remember to separate them from interior objects. In order to separate outside from inside, it'd be better if you put them into 2 map files.

This is highly profitable for those groups who stay in LS during most of their playtime. You can build interiors like Bikers bar or ILC hideout or simply choose one of those default GTA interiors, it's up to you. Price will be 10 millions. To make an application, open a new topic and put as title "Interior application - Groupname"

Group interior will be treated as base from the same moment you'll request it, this gives you ability to have health and armor pickups inside and car spawners outside.

      Requirements and rules:
Group must have had sub-board for 1 month;
Group must have the minimum members requirement to own a board, no members requirement if your group is known as civilian group;
No mentally challenged behavior;
Maximum 75 mapped objects;
Interior warp can be everywhere: LS, SF or LV;
No resized objects. There are enough objects in Map editor, use your creativity;
No removal of objects. There is enough space in map, use your creativity;
Application format:

Interior Request

1. [b]Group/Squad name with tags:[/b]
2. [b]Link to group board:[/b]
3. [b]Amount of members:[/b]
4. [b]Interior Location Screenshot:[/b]
5. [b]Link to the mapfile:[/b]
6. [b]Account name that is going to pay:[/b]

Random Stuff

1. RGB color of entrance marker:
2. Coordinates of interior marker (use /getpos):
3. Teleports restrictions options:

Interiors teleports options:

Option 1
- "Group only" access
- Whitelist/alliance access
- No wanteds allowed
Option 2
- "Group only" access
- Whitelist/alliance access
- Wanteds allowed
- Law Enforcement access[/align]               
Option 3
- Open to everyone