Group Features fixes

This page is made to add all those missing features that some groups didn't receive because they either forgot to request them or I forgot to add them. I'll make a list of stuff every group should have by default or after a certain time.

Vehicle respawn colsphere - Every group that received their interior, can request this special feature that allows their non-VIP members to recover their cars near the interior.
Groups or squad info markers - Well, sometimes I forget to add them when I'm in a rush. So request them if you don't have an info marker near your place.
Tag Protection - This is one of the most forgotten features for groups. If you have a board, then you have the right to protect your tag. ONLY ONE TAG IS ACCEPTED.
Map name/blip - When your group owns base/interior, you get the blip in map as your group name, to change its text/color, fill the format below.
General base bugs - If something isn't already listed above, then tell me what's missing.


[b]Bug fix requested:[/b]
[b]Position (/getpos):[/b] (required in case of markers or colshape)
[b]Link to board:[/b]
[b]Group name and tags:[/b] (for tags protection only 1 tag)