CIF bases
CIF groups that managed to own a board for 1 month can request addition of a huge CIF zone to build their own base. This type of base is dynamic and would allow groups to change its structure every time they want to. CIF offers infinite possibilities to make new buildings and new structures. It allows group to recover cars and aircraft inside their own base with CIF spawns. Open a new topic in this board to request your own group's CIF zone base. Price is set at 40.000.000$.


[color=#5c1717][size=14][font=Levenim MT]CIF base zone request[/font][/size][/color]
1. [b]Group name with tags:[/b]
2. [b]Link to group board:[/b]
3. [b]Amount of members:[/b]
4. [b]Base Location Screenshot:[/b]
5. [b]Owner's account name:[/b]