Suggestions - Scroll down for bugs!

This board is for suggestions about anything and everything. In-game ideas, forum, new services, everything.

Only reply to a suggestion if you have something that will bring value to it. Saying +1 -1 with your opinion is a useless post which is against rule 4.

1. Explain suggestions in plenty of detail, this includes bringing back old features, they must be explained as if they were new. Imagine you're explaining your idea to someone who knows very little about the game. ONLY SUGGEST FUN THINGS. ANY BORING SUGGESTIONS WILL BE REMOVED.

2. The subject/title of the topic must actually describe your feature such as "Payment changes to blah" not "About blah". If a player has to click on a topic to know what it's about that is basically click baiting (as well as wasting our time) to get more votes and these topics can be refused because of this.

3. Map changes/requests should be posted here in this topic

4. Changes to earnings or other variables that require balance such as damage output requires statistical evidence. EG: If you think mission X is under paid then you must prove that by doing mission Y and Z to show that at the same time playing you earned different amounts for different missions. This is to ensure that you are not suggesting something under or overpaid.

5. The format for suggestions that should be used:

[b]Suggestion explained in one paragraph:[/b]

[b]Additional details that are necessary for the suggestion:[/b]

[b]This suggestion is worth the time developing because:[/b]

You do an explanation in 1 paragraph which should be between 2 and 5 lines long. Anything more must go in additional details. Then you must give at least one valid reason as to why this change should be made, it could be as simple as "This suggestion would bring fun to the game." if what you're suggesting is actually fun that is, because it seems most suggestions aren't any fun.

6. Suggestions must not be edited 1 hour after posting because for all we know you suggested something completely different to what you've now got in your suggestion and you might have edited it after getting up-votes and that is undemocratic.

7. If you want something that already exists changing, explain how it already works. For example, if you want a command moving to a button SAY WHAT THE COMMAND IS. If I don't know what the command is called then I have to manually search for the script and I won't waste my time because you didn't bother to add a little, but very important detail.

8. Do not post a suggestion about multiple things if those things are independent of each other. For example, if you suggest adding a gun shop, mod shop, tool shop to a place that is basically 3 suggestions in 1 topic because each shop does not require the other shop to be added, they are independent of each other and shouldn't be suggested together.

9. If you think a feature is getting exploited then you have to prove it with a videos/screenshots, if you don't show us proof your suggestion will be locked. Example: "Disable Sea Sparrow's outside AR" (You must prove it, that it is very very hard for criminals to survive against Sea Sparrow), like that.

10. Suggestions must have at least 5 upvotes in 1 day, 15 up-votes in 1 week and 50 upvotes in 1 month. Bug reports must have at least 5 upvotes in 1 week. Due to the large size of the player base, a suggestion must have at least 50 up-votes before it can be added. Suggestions older than 1 month without 50 up-votes will be closed. If a bug report reaches 5 up-votes a staff c can move it to the staff only board called 'Issues Requiring Attention'.

11. If a suggestion follows the guidelines and is less than 24 hours old nobody is allowed to lock it, even if it's "bring back binds". Every suggestion should have a chance to receive up-votes. It can then only be locked after 24 hours if it has less than 5 up-votes.

12. The only way for a suggestion (which follows the other rules) that has received over 50 up-votes can be refused is if a reply to that topic which opposes the change receives over 15 up-votes or the Lead Developer refuses it.

13. If X suggestion gets denied in the last 1 month, then you cannot suggest it again. But if you think, the previous suggestion got denied because of original poster's poor explanation and you can explain the suggestion from a different angle, then suggest it.
Check Topic For Deletion Board, It mostly contains denied suggestions.

14. Do not make suggestions about VIP or shaders. It's up to respective shops holders to change VIP/shaders systems, NOT the community. Example of suggestions that will get you warned: "Make VIP hours go down slower while AFK/offline", "Be able to stop VIP hours from running out" or "Make shaders be usable by whitelisted players".

15. You can only post a suggestion for yourself. What the hell is the point in restricting posting in this board to prevent spam when you're just going to post quotes for peoples ideas that DON'T HAVE ACCESS.


How to report a bug here?

There is no required format, just make sure to explain the bug in as much detail as possible (videos / screenshots showing the bug help) to ensure that developers can understand what the bug is so that they can fix it. To show people that the topic is about a bug, start of the topic title with "[Bug]" if players feel that fixing the bug is a waste of time because it's so trivial and doesn't actually annoy anyone (if it's not annoying then it's not really a bug) then they can down-vote it. Whether or not it gets fixed is down to a developer though, if they feel that it's actually worth fixing. Bug reports must get at least 10 up-votes within 1 week to get fixed. Even if a bug report gets enough up-votes if it is a complete waste of time to fix it, I won't.