Guidelines to report map bugs


Reporting map bugs will have strict rules. To report a map bug you will have to open a new topic specifying the location of map bug (Example: Map bug report - Dillimore). Posting here and blatantly showing you didn't read ANYTHING about what's written in this topic will get you a 50% warning for both #1: posting dishonest information and #4: useless post.

Repeated ignorance of rules will result in a ban. Punishment will also come if you think to know more than our Map Editors while you don't know anything. Do not annoy our staff if they locked your report. Do not use an image to describe the coordinates, copy paste the coords from F8



This section is where you will report map bugs you may find in the Server, whilst in the world of San Andreas, read to find out if the map bug you have found is worth reporting or not. If it is worth reporting, copy the format and post a new reply using the format. Coordinates are a must, you must always post the coordinates. Screenshots of the map bug location are nowhere near as helpful or useful, make our jobs easier and your report important by including this crucial piece of data.

The Description section is useful to describe the severity of the bug in the map, leaving it blank will reduce the chances of us assessing wether or not a map bug is very important, or not. Always include some description of the map bug, to help us and yourself in validating the importance of the map bug.

Steps to reproduce, like the description, is also important as there may be a method to getting into a bugged situation, mentioned in any map bug report, leaving it blank will reduce the chances of us being able to reproduce the map bug, and therefore likely invalidate it, this of course is bad if the map bug report is valid, but rejected due to lack of information. You should always include steps to reproduce, if said report requires a previous set of actions to find or otherwise. Summarize if needed.

The Map Editors

The map editors are in charge of maintaining and fixing errors, bugs, glitches and unwanted objects in the server. They are also responsible for mapping new areas and events (Car shows, Bank Robbery). Map editors who are active should resolve reports as quickly and effectively as possible, using the least amount of objects in the most appropriate way possible, to ensure that things are done effectively and adequately.


Notice to Map Editors: If you fix a bug, make sure you put '' Fixed '' in your post and lock the post in question. If the person reporting the bug has ignored the guidelines and rules posted below, feel free to delete posts (taking screenshots) and warning them for useless post. If a Map Editor is requested or asked to do something and they ignore said request, they will be warned for neglecting their duty. They will also be warned (or worse) if they behave stupidly fixing invalid bugs or similar conduct.

How to find, verify and report Map bug(s)

Finding a Map bug

No one looks for Map bugs, given they are not easy to find or that noticeable while playing normally. But the most common areas to find map bugs would be buildings, corners of buildings, walls or roofs etc. Sometimes you will find objects that will have lost collision or objects made by Map Editors with the same attributes. Some errors might be very noticeable and some might require a certain movement or action to find it.

Without looking or exaggerating, there will always be hundreds of '' Map bugs '' in the map, most, however, are tiny, trivial and not important.

Verifying a Map bug

To verify a Map bug, you must ask and do the following steps to assure yourself it is indeed a bug - and from then on, worth reporting.

+ Find the Map bug, the location of where it begins or starts
+ Do /getpos and save the coordinates somewhere (notepad etc)
+ Establish the following:

Does this only happen to me? - Check Map bug, if it's still there press ESCAPE > DISCONNECT > QUIT. Then re launch MTA SA. Is the bug still there?
Has this map bug been reported before? - Use '' Search '' function and check the forums | Have you checked these topics (1) and (2) ?
Can it be easily reached? - Can people reach it using a vehicle, jumping, climbing, falling, using other buildings or simply just walking to it?
Can it be accessed using animations or commands? - Do you need to use /afk , /animationhere , recovering a vehicle or similar commands?
Can it be accessed using the Jetpack? - Do people need to use the Jetpack to access the map bug?
Does the Map bug have solid surface to stand on? - Is there surface to stand on (flat ground, collision) inside this map bug?
Can it be abused or Exploited? - Can people hide inside (un/wanted, as a non/Hit, able to change team) | Can people hurt others from inside? | Can people be protected while inside but can hurt others who are outside?
How many people does it affect? - Is it in an isolated area nobody goes to? | Is it located in an area where hundreds of players go to?
Does it ruin other people's game play? - Does it stop others from being able to play normally? | Does it stop people from enjoying the game? | Does it limit players in any way? | Does it harm players?
Is this a strange / odd bug? - Trees in the sky? | Pieces of land in the sky? | Part of an old event that isn't fully removed?

+ When you have established how severe the bug is (common sense, basic thinking) you may proceed.

Reporting a Map bug

+ Get the coordinates you saved from notepad (above)
+ Take screenshots / videos of the location and the bug itself (contextually speaking)
+ Remembered how to reproduce it
+ Made sure it does not disappear after restarting client
+ Made sure it is abusable enough (but not so much so that you need to PM Map Editors privately)
+ Read the '' reminder '' and '' rules '' before finally reporting the bug
+ After reading the rules and found the bug can be reported, you may use the following format below (under the reminder and rules) and report it


If you find COLLISIONLESS OBJECTS, before spamming this board and make our map fixers spam objects around, Make sure to press ESCAPE > DISCONNECT > QUIT your MTA client. If bug is still there ( after restarting ), then you can report it as map bug.

Rules of what you CAN'T report here

You cannot report Map bugs if they got fixed when you restarted MTA. (See 'IMPORTANT REMINDER' above)
You cannot report Map bugs if they have been reported and invalidated before.
You cannot report Map bugs if they are trivial, have no impact on anyone's gameplay or are so unimportant that no one notices.
You cannot confirm Map bugs, however trivial or serious they may be, that's why we have Map Editors.
You cannot report things if they are related to F11, Minimap, RadarDisc, Icons, Blips, Markers, Base tags or similar.
You cannot report script related errors such as a spawner that doesn't spawn a vehicle or similar.
You cannot report collision errors / bugs such as, using vehicle scripts to enter a solid object, you must report people you see doing this (Or suggest to change the way vehicle recovery works - spawning beside you instead)
You cannot report a Map bug if it is extremely abusable or exploitable, you must PM a QA Leader or Map Editor instead of posting a public report.
You cannot report bugs related to group bases that do not use CITY Objects (standard Bases).
You cannot report Map bugs where the bug is a small hole in the road or pavement (and for ex, a wheel or two half goes in the ground) or wall etc.
You cannot report Map bugs if they occur in house interior / any interior.
You cannot report Map bugs which appear in other dimensions, like Law dimension or AFK dimension).
*You cannot report Map bugs which can only be replicated with the Jetpack* only and the map bug contains no solid surface to stand on. Seeing how this can vary, see below for what you can and cannot report for.
*: Open the spoiler below.

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Format to report a Map Bug

You must use the following format: (Open a new topic with the title 'Map bug report - Place')

[b]Bug name:[/b]
[b]Date found:[/b]
[b]Did restarting MTA (Esc>Disconnect>quit | Relaunch MTA SA) fix the map bug?:[/b]
[b]Do you need the Jetpack for this map bug:[/b]
[b]Steps to reproduce:[/b]
[b]Additional Information:[/b]
[b]Coordinates (X, Y, Z) [i]( use /getpos to get it )[/i]:[/b]

Your Map bug report post(s) have disappeared?

If you notice your map bug report has been removed it has either been deleted due to being extremely exploitable, totally unrelated to map bug reports or you simply posting without using your eyes and brain (ignoring the guidelines and rules). You will also be warned, most probably .. have a nice day!