Issued Punishments Appealing System

This system was created to Appeal Punishments. If you think that you were unfairly punished, you can appeal it all here and if it turns out to actually be unfair (which will be determined by us), we will mention that staff in-order to remove that unfair punishment. The purpose of this system is to clear/appeal all doubts regarding rules and issued punishments. Since the staff team has got many guidelines to follow when punishing a player, it hardly is unfair so it may be yourself who hasn't understood the rule completely. However, we're humans and mistakes can be made, so if a punishment was unfairly given, we will help you to get it removed.


If you want to appeal your punishment then follow the steps & use the format:

Select and copy the following code
Create a new topic (Title: Punishment Appeal - Punished by [CIF]NameHere) and paste the format
Fill it with the required information
Post it

Format for MTA server punishment:

[b]Your nick when you were punished:[/b]
[b]When were you punished "Date/Time":[/b]
[b]Account name:[/b]
[b]Serial (F8 > Serial):[/b]
[b]Who punished you:[/b]
[b]What was the reason (rule you broke):[/b]
[b]Explain what happened:[/b]
[b]Why do you think it was unfair?:[/b]
[b]Chat Logs:[color=red](use local logs in your MTA folder or if on the forum, provide URL's [b][NEEDED][/b][/color])[/b]

Format for forum warning:

[b]Forum user, leave this blank if you're posting from warned account:[/b]
[b]When were you punished "Date/Time":[/b]
[b]Who punished you, if known:[/b]
[b]What was the reason, if known:[/b]
[b]Explain what happened, if known:[/b]
[b]Why do you think it was unfair?:[/b]
[b]Paste the exact message that you received when you received a warning:[/b]

If the appeal was accepted, we'd mention the staff who punished you to remove the line. Don't rush to ask him to remove it, we will take care of that.

How to find your logs:
You find your logs in your MTA folder, MTA San Andreas 1.5 > MTA > logs > console.log > open with editor