This board's rules:

Any post that violates the server rules will be removed and you'll be warned.
Read the other sticky topics cause you might find a topic where you can share your media in instead of creating a new topic.
When creating a new topic please do a good title of the thing you're sharing, Example of a bad title: "VERY PRO COME SEE ME", Example of a good title: "Cop killing event montage"
Any topic that wasn't posted in for 14 days will be locked to keep this board clean.
If you're posting a video give us a little information about it instead of just putting the link.
Enjoy your time and share creative things!
Some tips:
How to take a screenshot?

The default key for taking a screenshot ingame is 12 so you press it and you'll find the screenshot in this path
To upload it I suggest you use Imgur, LightShot or Puush you can search in google for their links.

How to take a video?

To take a video you must use a program, If you have a Nvidia VGA card like me you can download their software just google "geforce experience" if you don't you can use one of these video recording program Fraps or bandicam you can search in google for their links as well.

To upload it go to youtube and register an account and follow their rules as well.