Mods to/for GTA:SA
Welcome to the "Mods to/for GTA:SA" board.
This board is for everything related to GTA:SA modifications.

What can you post here?
Getting a sticky

1. What can you post here?

The main board is mainly for everything that does not belong into any of the subboards.
You can..
- Show mods you have found and would like to share
- Create collections of mods and share them
- Show your own mods to people and share them
- Give opinions about mods and comment
- Chat about mods, talk about your ideas or other ideas (go to #Modding on for proper chatting!)
- As already mentioned, talk about everything else that does not belong into any of the subboards (READ BELOW!)

2. Rules

You need to follow those rules. Not following them will result in locks or post deletions!
These rules will be updated from time to time so if there are updates in this thread please check through the rules first before attempting to make other posts!
All other forum rules are to be followed here!

Do not post tutorials, guides or tips here and do not ask for help here! Use the Tutorials, Guides and Tips board!
Do not show how your game looks like here! Use the Media board!
Do not ask for mod recommendations, do not request mods and do not offer modding services to others here! Use the Requests and Offers board!
If possible, add the name(s)/nickname(s) of the mod's creator(s).
You must include at least one screenshot for each mod.
Do not go off-topic. You might add off-topic stuff as additional information, though.
Do not post mods for other games than GTA:SA (You can post mods for other GTAs here though).
If replying to a posted mod, do not just say "awesome", "epic", "omg nice" or things like that. Please say a bit MORE, why you like this mod, if you use it, if you have tested it etc. Your post will be DELETED otherwise!
If you ask how to install a mod it will be instantly deleted without any warning. Only exceptions: if it is clearly not explained anywhere in one of the sticky threads/in the thread you are posting in.
You can't sell mods for neither ingame money, nor real money, nor anything else.
If you don't like mods then simply do not reply.

3. Getting a sticky

Topics can get stickied if they are very good ones. There are certain things that need to be fulfilled to get a sticky.

Your topic must be a mod collection or anything else that is useful.
Your topic must include download links for every single mod, not just one link for a whole mod pack.
Your topic must be unique (must include mods that were not already posted).
Your topic must be well written and have at least kind of proper grammar.
Your topic must look attractive.
Your topic must include screenshots/images.
People must like your topic.
You need to be helpful and try to answer questions if any are coming up.