Every member joins US Navy SEALs with the NS identifier embedded into the end of their in-game name.

During their SR time they are not allowed to:
Wear #USNS tags.
Use barriers.
or use any other actual group privilege/features since he is not considered as a group member in that status.

!!They can take the group job with skin ID 179, they can't use other skins!!

The recruit gets the in-game group status "Trial" and uses the tags SR-nick#NS

They have to join a SR Training and pass it to get familiar with the group guidelines and line rules, etc. The new recruits should already be able to familiarize themselves with these due to the competency questions relating to the guidebook, that is required to be answered during the application stage of recruitment. Therefore, it is expected of them to already have knowledge of the guidebook.
When they passed the SR Training, they stay with the SR rank for the regular promotion period of up to 7 days and either gets approved as SA, or approved as non-material.

SR members are also able to join regular group training's, where the recruit has to show his/her competence and effort.
In the daily life in the group, he shows his character and team-spirit as well.

To pass the Recruitment time, a Deputy+ must consider him as competent and worth being added as SR to the actual Roster and get an actual SR Training.

Recruitment can't compensate:
- Lack of English skills.
- Continuous rule-breaks.
- Great disloyalty.
- Being known with bad/disrespectful behavior.
- Applied for more than 1 group less than 7 days ago.
- Applied for one group less than 2 days ago and no other application in the previous 21 days.

One of the Project leaders will:

-Approve the SR recommendation and add him to the Roster when a Deputy+ recommended him on the application center or

-Approve the promotion recommendation by a Deputy+ (when the Trial member compensated his application problem with group effort) and set him as SR on the actual Roster.
                    - Note that the term 'group effort' indicates the requirement to regularly join training showing positive behavior and competence of becoming a regular SEAL.

Behaving like non-USNS material, breaking Group/server-rules or other acts of misbehavior can lead to a direct removal from the Trial Roster. (Anything that leads to a 100% WL).
After the kick, he has to wait 7 days to re-apply, but can not be recommended for the recruitment again and his previous kick reason can influence whether he gets accepted or not.

In their recruit period, they should get familiar with the group standards and behavior guidelines. Other SEALs should always have an ear for their questions or an eye on their activities.

If you see a recruit misbehaving or breaking any rule, he can be reported with this format:

[b]Name of the Trial member:[/b]
[b]Kind of rulebreak/misbehavior:[/b]
[b]Evidence (if available):[/b]